A Guest Blogger – Who Fills Me With Hope

Dear Reader, I am more than pleased to bring you this week’s guest blogger, publishing her work for the first time.  In full disclosure, she wrote this last year, as a 5th grader in my class.  I was recently told we need to be praying for our children.  Of course, I agree with that; however, I would humbly offer, I believe it is the children who are looking at us, the adults, and praying for us.  Why so much anger?  Why so much division?  And have any of us adults taken a good hard look at ourselves and asked, “What are my words and actions doing to children? What am I planting, sowing, cultivating, and growing in the hearts of children?”  I believe this dear, sweet young lady’s poem speaks to what she sees and feels and hopes . . . and she and the children are why I continue to spend time with children.  As this wonderful student shares, “We cannot get these moments back.”  I hope this encourages you, Dear Reader, as much as it encourages me.  

Once and Forever

Once there was a time

Where children could be children

Untouched and unharmed by the world’s cruel hands

Unopinionated and Uninfluenced

By today’s biased reality


Once there was a time where knowing that all lives matter

No matter the differences

Had nothing to do with politics


Once there was a time when people were appreciated

Not because of

How many likes

Or how many friends they had

Or how pretty they were

But about what was on the inside


Oh how precious those times were,

For we cannot get those moments back.

But is there hope for this new world?

Is there a wish to be granted?


For forever we will have the people.

And forever we will have the memories and

The feelings within us that drive us and make

We as a people want to have a better life.

For those things never fade.

After all, hope starts within a person.

The fact that there can be a better outcome or a better lifestyle

Is enough to motivate

And enough to trigger a flame withins someone

And that’s all that we need

Because this world is ours.

For Once, and for Forever

Until the next Wednesday, the Lord allows.