The Chosen

Have you been watching, The Chosen?  Good lands, Dear Reader, my husband and I are absolutely hooked.   If you haven’t watched it, may I please humbly recommend you download the free Chosen app today?  Right now!  Before you forget.  Finally, finally, there’s a show which portrays Jesus the way His time on earth matches up with the Bible.  

Now I know, many-a-Christian, has made it difficult to truly believe that Jesus was well. . . human.  Sometimes as a child, I remember some very specific sour-pusses in my life who “said” Jesus was full of joy and loved children, yet their actions spoke to the contrary.  Those ole crabby adults always made Jesus seem so stoic, dry, and humorless. (Not to mention, they were no barrel of monkeys to be around either!)   But even as a seven year old, I couldn’t make that jive with what I knew about Jesus from the Bible.

  • If Jesus loved kids and kids loved Jesus, that meant Jesus had to be full of life, laughter, smiles, and love.  And I’ve only confirmed this belief as I’ve aged.  Trust me, kids don’t want to be around boring uptight people who always take themselves too seriously.  Kids want a storyteller, a protector, a laugher, a listener.  If kids were always wanting to be around Jesus, how could He possibly always act like He was too important for children to spend time with Him?
  • If Jesus had followers who were willing to give up everything for Him, I had a hard time believing He took life terribly seriously, or that he always wore the pristine white robe shown in many paintings or presentations.  And there’s no way He could possibly drone on like some boring preachers I’ve heard in my life.  If people were going to give up everything to follow Jesus and if people were going to take time to go hear Him speak, He had to be interesting, relatable, a bit messy, funny, relevant, and kind.  Dare I say, life changing?
  • If Jesus was going to model the Kingdom of God, isn’t it interesting who He chose to be His disciples? Isn’t it interesting who He specifically chose to get His mission rolling?   He chose a tax collector, a literal extension of the hated Roman government, as well as a zealot, a person who devoted his whole life to training to overthrow the Roman government.  Goodness, Jesus calling those two to work together to further the Kingdom of God would be like Jesus asking a Republican and a Democrat here in the states to put aside their political differences to spread the Gospel of Christ!  (Hmmmm. . .maybe there’s a relevant lesson there!)  

And now in The Chosen series, the Jesus I’ve always seen in the Scriptures finally is portrayed that way on the screen.  Now please don’t get all worked up, the series follows Scripture, to be sure, but Jesus is depicted as funny and even sarcastic sometimes!  The Chosen depicts his friendship with the disciples in ways that make sense, but yet I’d never thought about.  And during almost every episode I cry.  Now I always shoot straight, Season 1, Episode 1 was my least favorite but after that, my husband and I were addicted.  

  • If you don’t think I sobbed the entire episode where Jesus was shown spending time with and caring for children, well, think again.
  • If you don’t think I sobbed and sobbed when friends busted their paralyzed friend through the roof so Jesus could heal Him, think again. 
  • And if you don’t think I sobbed and sobbed and sobbed when the little boy fell out of the tree and without dialogue, the viewer infers the doctor telling the parents their child would never walk again, think again.  I cried out to my husband, “We’ve been there! That’s us!”  And then in that same episode, almost 40 years later, when Jesus healed that same little boy all grown up at the Pool of Bethesda. . .maybe it’s just because of my child’s paraplegia, but to watch what Jesus did and how He healed the paralyzed man, well. . .it sure beats anything I’ve ever seen on Netflix–especially since I know it’s all true!  I believe with all my heart, as long as my daughter chooses to love and serve the Lord, I WILL see her walk again.  It’s only a matter of location and timing as to when that will happen.  

So I’m on a mission to spread the word about The Chosen.  The app is free and people have gone ahead of you to invest and pay for you to watch each episode for free.  Seasons 1 and 2 are ready to watch.  Season 3 is currently in production.  And to quote, perhaps my favorite line from the series, “Get used to different!”

I’ll watch this kind of “different” over the other stuff out there anytime and any place!

PS:  It’s translated into tons of different languages!  That’s.  So.  Fantastic!  

Until the next Wednesday the Lord allows.