Why I Haven’t Written For A While

Honestly, it’s not that I’ve been too busy to write, Dear Reader.  We do that, don’t we?  “I’m just so so busy!”  After fifty years of living, I’ve learned the truth about “being busy.”  Very rarely do I not have time to do what I want to do.  If it’s a priority, I will make time for whatever “it” is.  And as I said, writing hasn’t felt much like a priority even though I’m supposed to be authoring a blog.

Truthfully, I’ve been hesitant to write lately because I’ve questioned whether my words even matter.  I don’t say that for some pity-party or to act as if what I write on this little blog, or share in person, makes more of an impact in the world than what other folks say and write.  However, I have been wondering if maybe we just haven’t all had our fill of words.

Words. . .from everyone.

Words. . .at every turn.

Words. . .on every topic.

Words. . .that never seem to stop.  

Words about the pandemic, words about vaccines, words about politics, words about truth, words about lies, words about what to say, words about what to not say, words about shootings, words about gun rights, words about royals, words about non-royals, words about race, words about trials, words about standardized testing, words about schools reopening words I agree with, words I do not agree with. . .wordwordswordswordswordswords.

For about the past month I’ve tried to be extra cautious.  Sure I have an opinion!  I have an opinion on all of it.  But is my opinion really going to make anything better?  Is anyone truly going to be swayed into my perceived “correct thinking,” by my words?  Because I’m sure everyone is saying, “You know what, I got on FaceBook /Instagram/Twitter and I really changed my mind on (insert topic here) because of what Amy J. wrote!”

Nobody gets on social media to change their mind!  We get on social media to find our tribe and to stick it to the guy on the other tribe so we can say, “See!  I told you!  I’m right and you’re wrong!”  

You might pray for me.  I’m currently trying to instil this mindset into a young person I know.

It isn’t easy.  So far, I have not been terribly successful.  The road less traveled seems to have narrowed considerably.

I was recently reading in the book of Acts in chapter 12 where Luke is telling about Peter being held in prison during the Passover.  Verse 5 caught my eye:  “So Peter was kept in prison but the church was earnestly praying to God for him.” (Spoiler alert:  While the church was praying, an angel released Peter from jail.)

But the church was earnestly praying. . .that gives me pause, and I pause so I can substitute my own name for the church so it reads something like this:  ”So a bunch of horrible things were going on in the world but Amy J. was earnestly praying to God about them.”

Can I say that about myself?  Sadly, I can for a miniscule bit of it but not for the majority. 

Can I say that about the church, worldwide, as a whole?  Sadly, I can for a miniscule bit  of it but not for the majority.

What if everything we’ve been saying was replaced with everything we’d been praying for, church?  Oouff!  That stings me to the core.  Maybe it does you too, Dear Reader.  What if we prayed more and spoke less?  

So you see, that’s why I haven’t written for awhile.

Until the next Wednesday the Lord allows.