Do You Wonder What They Really Think?

Once Upon a Dark year

2019 to 2020

One DEADLY Virus


Sanitizing Each Day

Masks on Our Face

Riots All over

Stress Every Day

More and More Deaths

BLM Outbreak

Will It Ever End?

None of Us Think

But Do We Hope. . .

And Do We Pray. . .

Indeed, We Do. . .

These aren’t my words, Dear Reader.  And while not a young man from my 5th grade class, these are the words of a young man who is a 5th grader at the school where I teach. Honest.  Real.  Raw.  Heartfelt.  Hopeful.  

I am incredibly pleased to share this with you, Dear Reader.  I’m incredibly proud to give this young writer a platform where his work can be shared, literally, around the world.  But most importantly, I want you to perhaps take a moment, to see what they really think.  What do these not- quite-teenagers truly think?  

They see it.  Let’s be real.  They see it and they don’t need to be coddled or sheltered.  They are ready to face reality.  And they are ready to face uncertainties with hope.  Indeed, they are ready to face uncertainties with hope.  And their hope, although not the main reason for my hope, is a continual reason for much of my hope. And maybe, Dear Reader, you feel the same way too.  Indeed.

Until the next Wednesday the Lord allows.