Hello, Dear Readers … in China

I honestly don’t know who does and doesn’t read my blog, Dear Reader.  I know my mom reads my blog because she often brings up something I’ve recently written when we talk on the phone.  I know of one gal who will never read my blog because she told me to my face once upon a time that she wasn’t interested in reading what I wrote, which is obviously her choice, so I just chuckled and nodded. (And later wondered why she felt the need to tell me that to my face.)

But on my blog site, I can tell how many readers have read my blog and the site tells me from which country they read the blog.  As one can well imagine, since my home base is northern Indiana, the majority of readers are from the United States.  No surprise there.  But oftentimes, it tickles me to discover I’ve had a reader in Ireland, Brazil, or South Africa.  Yet, China continues to be a constant presence with my blog readership.  And from everything I can put together, it’s not just the same reader in China reading my blog week after week.  I have more than a couple of readers in China.  Welcome, Dear Reader!  Welcome, Dear Readers in China!  How thrilled I am that we can make a connection!

I think about you.  I wonder about you.  I pray for you.  I’m cheering for you.  Perhaps you are surprised to know that someone from the United States is cheering for you, but I’m guessing there are more of us cheering for you than you can imagine.  And honestly, I suspect the reverse is true.  I can only imagine what you read and see on your news feed about the United States.  Frankly, I can barely comprehend what I read and see on my news feed about the United States.  I’m sorry the United States has a few leaders who speak negatively about your country so often.  I think we forget that a country is made up of people.  And people, when we get right down to it, are more alike than not.

That’s one of the enemy’s most effective tactics.  Satan and his earthly henchmen want to divide us, stir up hatred and dissension, and turn everything into some kind of “tribal war.”  (Chinese readers, I’d appreciate your prayers this week for all of us here in the United States.  It’s a big week for us.)

But when I think of you, I do not focus on our differences.  I focus on our similarities.  My mom (who is not very internet savvy) wonders how you even found my blog in the first place.  While I can’t truthfully answer that question, I’m surmising that if you continue to read my blog, we have a few things in common.

  • I believe we both care deeply for our children and families.
  • I believe we hate to see our children hurt and feel ostracized.
  • I believe we both have been through some harrowing, unique experiences in life and have lived to tell about it.
  • I believe despite heartaches in our lives we are doing our best to choose joy each and every day.
  • I believe we are really trying to do the best we can to serve others and put them first.
  • I believe we look around us at our world and our hearts ache because we wanted to make it better than what we currently live.
  • I believe if we both sat together watching the sunset on my front porch, we would marvel at God’s majesty and beauty.
  • I believe we both would enjoy a snack together and I wonder if you would like to drink milk and eat my homemade chocolate chip cookies with me.  
  • I believe we’re both heartbroken with how the pandemic has brought about pandemonium in so many ways.
  • And I believe we both believe this is not how it all ends, and the best is truly yet to come!

Thank you for reading the blog, but more importantly, thank you for being you.  In a small town in northern Indiana, in the United States of America, please know there is a slightly odd woman who laughs a lot who doesn’t view you as an enemy.  She views you as a friend and wishes you nothing but the best.

Until the next Wednesday the Lord allows.