Just a Weird Perspective

Dear Reader, I’m just so weird.  Perhaps you can relate. I see it in people’s eyes when they look at me or when I speak.  I see it when they watch my family. I can’t read people’s minds, but those of you who are moms in the “Tragedy Club” will totally understand this when I say, you can literally see some people thinking, “Man, I’m so glad I’m not you!  I’m so glad that’s not my kid!”

As I enter a new year and a new decade, I can’t help but reflect.  When my family entered the last decade the kids were 9 and 7 and life was amazingly easy and simple.  Oh, I probably didn’t think so at the time; however, my perceived problems back then make me ashamed for even thinking they were problems.

Here are just a few reasons why I am absolutely abnormal in today’s society:

1. Birthdays:  As I am on my way to the half century mark, almost all of my peers say something to this effect:  “Oh, my birthday is just another day.  I don’t really celebrate any more. I’m pretending I’m 39 and not having any more birthdays!”  Well let me tell you, I’m having birthdays!  I’m not pretending I’m 39 when I’m really 49!  I’m not going to treat it as just another day! I’M ALIVE!  I’M HERE! I MADE IT TO ANOTHER BIRTHDAY! There was a touch-and-go day in my life where I wasn’t sure if I would make it.  I’M CELEBRATING! Okay, so some things about getting older stink, but frankly, I’m quite happy to still be here.  

Birthdays are not to be endured.  Birthdays are to be celebrated!

2. Children growing up to become adults: “Isn’t it just so sad?  Ohhhh, why couldn’t they stay little forever?  Don’t you wish they’d never grown up? Doesn’t your heart just ache? I don’t want them to leave home and go to college.  Don’t you just wish they could stay at home forever?”    NO!  I AM ELATED MY KIDS ARE ALIVE AND THAT I AM HERE TO SEE THEM GROWING UP!  I sent my daughter into surgery one day with no guarantees she would live through the surgery.  The whole goal of having children is to have them grow up to be moral believers who love God and love others and do the Father’s will here on earth.  I’m getting to see that! I can only imagine how many mothers would give everything they have to be able to see their children grow and live! Please stop like acting high school graduation and college graduation and moving out and becoming an adult is a negative thing!  No, this is all positive, baby!  

Children becoming adults is the whole plan.  Growth is to be celebrated!

3. Earthly awards and talents:  “I don’t know what I’m going to do when I don’t get to watch him run anymore.  She just has to be valedictorian. I can’t believe he didn’t win that award! He deserves it!  He was robbed! Ten years from now I’ll be able to look back at her poster and remember every race she ever ran.”   We worked a lot in our basement over Christmas vacation and I came across a big plastic tub in our furnace room.  I attached a picture of what was in that plastic tub to this blog. Folks, those are earthly awards from my daughter and son.  My kids both understand these awards do not define them. It was certainly fun to watch the kids earn them but those are in the past and folks, the best is yet to come!  And let me tell you, to have your child finish four years of high school athletics in a normal fashion and get to walk with them across the field or court on senior night and have it all end in a normal and expected progression is not sad.  It’s a blessing!

Earthly awards and talents are just a stop along the way.  It’s not the end of the journey. The past is to be appreciated for sure, but the future is to be celebrated!

4. And lastly, plans:  “Well, we’re going here on spring break and then there in the summer.  He’s majoring in such and such and then will graduate in 2020. She’s moving there and then getting married in May.”  The certainty with which people say things continues to shock me.  People always sound so confident and so definite about their plans.  Rarely is there any acknowledgement that life might not happen the way they want life to happen.  As of right now, it looks as if 2021 will be an extra big year for our family. At this point our daughter is hoping to graduate from college in three years and then we’re beginning to make plans to move her to the big city where she plans to live and work.  A month later, Lord willing, our son will graduate from high school and on his 19th birthday, we hope to have his graduation party and then if the Lord allows, he’ll head to college. Dear Reader, I’m starting to have to make plans for all of these events, but I’m holding on to them loosely.  I hope all those things will happen but I don’t know.  As of right now . . . it looks as if . . . at this point . . . she is hoping . . . Lord willing.

Our plans are not His plans.  His way and timing is to be trusted and celebrated!

See, I told you I was pretty weird.  Until the next Wednesday the Lord allows.  Thank you for following the blog.