Next to Him

They were tasked with rebuilding a wall.  Daunting. Necessary. Difficult. You see, if Nehemiah and his crew didn’t rebuild the wall around the city, there would be no protection, no safety, and no peace.  

There was plenty of opposition.  I’ll probably talk about constant opposition in another blog sometime, Dear Reader, but what I want to talk about today is the fourteen “next to hims” in Nehemiah Chapter 3.  I’ll admit, Dear Reader, the first few times I read this chapter in the Bible I just cruised through it. Maybe it was a bit pointless. Seriously, of what importance was it to me to know that Binnui, son of Henadad, repaired a section of the wall, and then next to him, Pedaiah son of Parosh made repairs?

And then one day a few years ago it hit me like a ton of bricks. (Building pun intended).  I quickly took my pen and underlined, then counted, fourteen different times where we are told who was repairing the wall and who was “next to him.”

You can feel free to agree to disagree with me, for sure, Dear Reader, but I’m still not sure it’s of great importance to my life to know the names of all these Bible-time guys who were repairing the wall.  But it is important to my life for me to realize what we’ve been called to repair and build is not a solo gig.

We’ve got a guy or gal on either side of us.  I’ve got “next to hims” in my life! Just like me, they feel their task is daunting, necessary, and difficult.  Just like me, they seek protection, safety, and peace. We may each be working on our own little section, but we are united.  We are together. We are next to each other and have way more similarities than we do differences.  

Satan knows this a dangerous realization in our lives.  He wants us to feel isolated. He wants us to feel as if what we are doing doesn’t matter.  You see, Satan isn’t into “repairs.” Satan is into disrepair, chaos, and crap.  

But I’m going to keep working away in my little corner of the world.  I’m going to keep trying to make the repairs, to the best of my ability, with humor, grace, and hard work.  And you know what, Dear Reader? I know “next to me” you are trying to do the exact same thing.  

Let’s give this world humor.

Let’s give this world grace.

Let’s work hard for peace and not assume it will be ushered in all on its own.  

Let’s give this world hope.

Let’s go give ‘em Heaven!

Until the next Wednesday the Lord allows.