Shameless Audacity

Today marks the fourth anniversary of our wreck and my daughter’s paralysis.  It is a complex date, for sure. Today we are filled with joy, triumph, setbacks, and heartaches.  We are not all standing, but we are all still here!

And today’s date represents the dividing line for my life.  Life will forever be divided into two parts: “before the wreck” and “after the wreck.”  

I liked “before the wreck” better.

I am more content in life “after the wreck.”

A woman who has very little connection to my family recently said to me, “Well, we got Alissa through paralysis!”  She smiled and I returned her smile, but in my head I thought, “Oh no, ma’am, no.  You may feel you’ve ‘gotten through paralysis,’ but I assure you, we, who deal with it daily, are still battling paralysis.”

When tragedy first strikes, many people pray.  But prayer is one area of faith which frustrates and confuses me a bit.  I’m hoping that even though it’s been four years, that in small group settings and in the homes of those who know us well, prayers for Alissa’s straight-up healing are still included.  Total healing may seem unlikely to most, but believe me when I say, it’s sure not impossible with God! And not just for Alissa, take any situation which seems remotely daunting and I get the impression the majority of believers throw up their hands and consider the bad news a done deal.  

Is that the new mark of the majority of believers?  Do we really believe God is so small and weak that we stop asking Him about the “tough stuff” in our lives?

In the book of Luke (Chapter 11 if you want to check it out for yourself, which I always recommend) Jesus is teaching on prayer.  He tells a story about a person who unexpectedly receives visitors and has no bread to feed them. The person goes to a friend’s house in the middle of the night, continually pounding on the door, begging for bread, never giving up hope that the friend will eventually give him some food for his visitors.  My Bible translation uses the words “shameless audacity.” Verse 8: “I tell you, even though he will not get up and give you the bread because of friendship, yet because of your shameless audacity he will surely get up and give you as much as you need.”

I’m tired of small faith and small prayers in our great and powerful God.   

  • “Well, with that diagnosis that young man is surely not going to make it.” No! Where is our shameless audacity?
  • “It’s been four years so why bother to even continue to pray for a miracle for her to ever stand and walk again on her own?”  No!  Where is our shameless audacity?
  • “He’s been away from the Lord for so long there’s probably no hope of him ever returning to God.” No!  Where is our shameless audacity?

Maybe God answers our prayers the way we hope.  Maybe He doesn’t. That’s totally His call. I do have confidence He hears and cares about each and every request we ever bring before His throne. So, and I’m stating the obvious here, He’s not going to hear what we don’t ask. I’ve decided to pray with shameless audacity until my daughter can walk again or until I die.  I’m committed to shamelessly begging for “bread.” Period.  

Do you have a situation or two or four in your life which seems hopeless that you’ve stopped praying big about, Dear Reader?  Get audaciously shameless! He told us we could!  

Until the next Wednesday the Lord allows.