The Height Domination Hug

If you don’t believe the Lord has a sense of humor, just talk to any mother who has raised both a girl and a boy.  There are pros and cons to each gender, for sure. I’m at a season of life where due to the seismic shift in my children’s lives, there’s also major seismic shifting in my life.  I’m now eight months into the “High school information blackout stage.” When my daughter was in high school, she told me things. Lots of things. Constantly. I had a fairly good grasp on her world, what was going on in her hallowed halls of learning, and how she felt about everything under the sun from people to classes to clothing.

Yes, my son is currently still attending high school (I think), but based on the information he disseminates to me, I’m not sure his high school is even in existence anymore.   

Me:  How did it go at school today?

Him:  Good.

Me:  Tell me one great thing that happened at school today.

Him:  I don’t know.

Me:  Tell me one stupid thing that happened at school today.

Him:  I don’t know.

Me:  What was something interesting that happened at track practice today?

Him:  We ran.

Of course, what follows is a conversation between my husband and I:

Me:  How was work today?

Husband:  Good.

Me:  Did anything really interesting happen today?

Husband:  Nope. Can’t think of anything.

I rest my case.

And let’s talk about clothing.  You would think a 16 year old honor student might understand that he lives in Northern Indiana.  Northern Indiana where it’s cold. Northern Indiana where we have bad winters. Northern Indiana where one does not dress as one would dress in Florida.  

And so on a usual Northern Indiana winter weather day, where the temperature is a balmy high of 26 degrees, the following conversation will ensue in the mornings prior to school:

Out-of-touch-mom:  Cameron, you are not wearing shorts to school today.

Teenage boy:  Why not?

Out-of-touch-mom:  Do I really need to spell it out for you?  You’re a smart guy.

Teenage boy:  I don’t have very far to walk from my car to school.

Out-of-touch-mom:  I’m very well aware of that, however, you are not wearing shorts today.

Teenage boy:  Gives his out-of-touch mother a withering look.  Returns to laundry room in long pants. Starts to head out the door.

Out-of-touch mom: Cam! Coat!

Teenage boy:  Returns to laundry room. Emits deep emotion-filled sighs. Grabs coat. Gives out-of-touch-mom an obligatory side hug. Exits stage left.

And speaking of obligatory hugs, let’s talk about the new “hugs” I receive from my son.  Hugs started to get a bit sketchy and lacking in sincerity around age 14. Soon, they became almost non-existent.  We then moved to “hugs-on-command.” This was a game where the out-of-touch-mom would say, “You can at least hug your mother before you leave,” and the too cool for his britches teenager would oblige because he’s still a pretty good kid but was mainly frightened of what non-compliance would usher into his life.

And then all of sudden, I began to receive hugs without asking.  It was wonderful. It took me a couple of days to figure it out, but I soon realized my son was so tall that he could now rest his chin on top of his mother’s 5’7” frame.  (I literally lost an inch of height after the wreck.) And he loved it! He wasn’t hugging me because he wanted to hug me. It was a height domination hug. He loved tangible proof that not only was he taller than me, but he was so tall he could rest his chin on top of my head.  This height domination hug still wasn’t the pinnacle of his love of his new height. That pinnacle came when he clearly passed my husband’s frame at 6’1;” now the baby of the family stands at 6’3”.

After he grew weary of the height domination hugs they slowed down, but recently they picked back up again.  And just as before I was lulled into a moment of tenderness, but then I quickly realized, “Wait a minute! There has to be something more to this.”

So I inquired.  And the truth spilled out.  “Yeah! Look now mom! Now I’m so tall that I actually have to bend down to put my chin on your head when I hug you!”

Somehow I knew, a hug out of the blue was just too good to be true.

Until the next Wednesday the Lord allows.

height domination

Cam smiles for the camera.