Love Never Fails

Bonds of unity are a beautiful tie; even among strangers.  Love never fails.


Some of you may remember three years ago after our wreck and Alissa’s paralysis, the wonderful theater community from Churubusco, Indiana put on a benefit concert for our family.  Sure, it was a time to help us raise money to pay the mounting hospital bills, but it was also a time to come together, and a time for people to visibly show their support to Chad and Cam who were trying to move forward in Indiana while Alissa and I were in Atlanta as she learned to live life in a wheelchair.  It was a time to laugh, as well as a time to cry. It was a time to draw near to God (yes, even through Broadway show tunes), and a time to draw near to one another. It was a time for people to show who they were and to Whom they would turn.

This coming Sunday at 2 p.m. at the Churubusco United Methodist Church, the wonderful theater crew is hosting another benefit concert.  It will be filled with absolutely fantastic singers and one middle-aged woman they threw in the show simply for comedic relief. Yes, my friends and I are doing this to raise awareness for our friend, Rob Ransom, as he and his family battle Alzheimer’s.  

If you live in the Whitey County area, I encourage you to please come show your support for the Ransom family.  Maybe you know the Ransoms and maybe you don’t. It doesn’t really matter. Bonds of unity are a beautiful tie, even among strangers. And perhaps if you attend, you may feel called to give a monetary gift to help with Rob’s care.  (Yes, the Ransom family is now in the club of never-ending medical bills to which some of us can relate all too well.) Or maybe you live far away. You can still pray. You might choose to include Rob (who is only in his 50s) and his family in your prayers.  And may I humbly ask you to please not forget his family. Rob is obviously our focus, but the rest of his family needs our love and support and encouragement too.

The concert is called, “Love Never Fails.”  I am told this is the Bible verse Rob’s wife is holding onto.  

Easy to say.  Difficult to live.  But through their disappointments and heartaches, we are witnessing a family who will not let love fail.  I invite you to please join me to help love win the moment, help love win the day, and help love win their lives.  

Love never fails.  Thank you.